The Bishop College Center is located on the first floor of the Cralle Student Center right next to the Campus Store.

The Bishop Scholars Legacy

The Bishop Scholars Program is a unique and distinctive blend that was designed to keep the spirit/legacy of Bishop College alive and increase the diversity efforts on the campus of Georgetown College. The first group of Scholars began in the Fall of 2007. The Bishop Scholars Program provides students who are recommended by or descended from Bishop alumni scholarship opportunities and an academic experience at a 4-year liberal arts college. Potential students must meet the criteria for eligibility and are accepted into Georgetown College to be named a Bishop Legacy Scholar or Bishop Scholar.

“The greatness of the Bishop College Legacy is unsung. Bishop College has produced some of America’s leading professionals. The Legacy is still alive at Georgetown College; and the future of the Bishop Scholars lies in our hands. We stand on the shoulders of the Bishop College graduates that came before us…long live the Bishop College Legacy!”
– Samuel Gilbert, III, ‘16

Leadership Series

The Bishop Scholars Program in conjunction with the Graves Calling & Career Center hosts the Leadership Series every semester for approximately 40 of our outstanding student leaders to learn about the aspects of effective leadership; the strategies needed for leadership; the role and responsibility of a leader; and how to prepare for the leadership role. 

Mentoring-Tutoring Program

The Mentoring/Tutoring Program at Coventry Oaks Elementary has been established to provide the Bishop Scholars with an opportunity to gain unique learning experiences, to lead by example and to develop exceptional leadership/mentorship skills.

Bishop Revival

The Bishop Revival is a four-day uplifting commemoration that allows the history and legacy of Bishop College to be revived and brings a cultural richness to the Georgetown College campus, and the historic partnership of the two colleges promotes academic excellence.

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